How to Arrive at the Theater in Style with Car Service

There are many ways of making an impression. Hiring a limo through the local Atlanta Car Service is one such way of impressing friends and strangers alike. Hiring such a car allows you to make a massive statement upon arrival, but this would only work wonders if you hire a top-of-the-range vehicle.

The best car rental firms provide a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Some of the choices include high-end rentals. Obviously, it costs more to rent a high-end car, but the cost should not worry you. If you intend to create a buzz and be the talk of the town for the next few days, then such a service is exactly what you need. Further, you get to use it for the day, but if you so desire, you can rent for a couple of days if the show runs for more than a day.

It gets better when you’re hosting a few business friends in the city. Hiring a top car to drive them to the theater will have the desired effect. Arriving in style isn’t for celebrities alone. You can treat your family and close friends to this sort of lifestyle for at least a day. They will all appreciate you for it.
Luxury cars are worth taking into account and will prove worthy of the money you’ll spend. The fact that a chauffeur is on hand to drive you to the theater is an added bonus.

Therefore, contact the firm that provides car service today to see how it can help you.

Tips for Filming Live Shows

Whether you are filming a live stage event or school show, it can be tricky to produce a high-quality video especially since you have little control over everything else apart from how you use your camera. It requires the right skill and technique among other things. The challenging nature of the task is a major reason why people prefer to Hire a camera crew. However, if factors are keeping you from hiring an expert camera crew, here are some tips for filming live events in a theatre if you choose to attempt a DIY.

Know the Show and the Setting

You need to understand the location of the show to be filmed, its layout and the surrounding features. You also need to have an idea of the show you are going to film. If possible visit the theatre and make yourself familiar with its layout. You should also attend a rehearsal so that you can have an idea of what will be performed; for instance, will there be dance scenes with a lot of movement?

Pick Your Sitting/Setup Area

You should also view or select your sitting area if you have that option. Having an appropriate seat is important because you want the best view of the stage; one that’s not too close or too far from the stage. You also don’t want anything blocking your view. Your choice should depend on the size and layout of the theatre. A balcony seat, for instance, would not be appropriate if it is too high. It is also likely to be too far. The commonly selected seat for filming live theatre shows are the ones at the middle and a few rows after the front row. If you have the manpower, you can use multiple cameras at different positions.

Get the Right Equipment

If you can get your hands on filming equipment such as the best camera you can find to shoot good video in poor lighting, a flash gun, right lenses for the job, and a tripod, these would help you create the best videos. In case your sitting area doesn’t have enough leg room, you should use a monopod.

Know Your Equipment

You will gain no benefit from going out of your way to get the right equipment if aware on how to use it. Learn how to operate the camera and how to deal with any malfunctions that may arise so that you don’t miss scenes trying to figure it out.


Remember that capturing the audio part is also important. You can use an external microphone positioned near the stage and if possible, plug into a soundboard.
You also need to learn the right techniques so that you can shoot films of better quality. Things such as going easy on the zooming, turning autofocus off and using manual exposure can help you shoot quality videos. In addition, you should get there and set up early on the day of the show so that you can record a test segment and make the necessary adjustments. You need to be ready before the audience comes in and the show starts.

Ways to Fill Up the Theatre Seats

When you are putting together a theatre production and preparing a show, marketing should feature among the top items on your list of things to do. This is because without getting the word out there about your theatre production, you will get a measly audience. Even as you ensure rehearsals take place, invest in effective marketing tactics. Here are some strategies you can try.

Get a professional to help

Whether you are using flyers, banners, or exhibition stands, you need to use well-designed materials to sell your production. A professional printing and design company can help you create great advertising materials for better results. Better yet, check out for help with graphic design and printing of your ad materials and other marketing services.

Digital marketing

Like it or not, you need to take advantage of digital marketing channels to reach the online community. A very large percentage of people spend time online searching for information, products, services and yes; entertainment. You should not ignore the power of digital marketing. Different digital strategies can help you fill up those theatre seats when you have a show. This could be developing an optimized official website where you provide information about your productions, mobile marketing, and electronic billboards. Digital marketing doesn’t just provide channels for getting your message out; it also provides a way for you to analyze your fans sentiments. Combine digital marketing with the traditional strategies so that you can reach the population online and offline.

Social media and viral marketing

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all types. Theatre can also reap huge benefits from using social media as a marketing tool. Combined with viral marketing where interesting, funny and informative videos are shared widely, a theatre company can be able to reach a bigger population and advertise its productions. Make use of social media carefully to pass your message across and build a fan base without being annoying as well as to get feedback and suggestions you can use to better your productions. Don’t bombard your social media audience with overly frequent posts of show schedules. There are guidelines and best practices for using social media, which you should learn and implement to make the best of this potentially powerful marketing tool.

There are other strategies you can employ to get a larger audience. You just need to be aware of the weaknesses and strengths you have and be creative in finding ways to overcome the weaknesses and take advantage of the strengths. You can employ footwork to get your fliers to as many people as possible. You can also use a distribution company, adopt guerrilla marketing, offer discounts for the early birds and many other marketing strategies. The key is to find the right cocktail of strategies that will work for you.

Lastly, ditch a strategy if it yields no results. You need to measure the results of your marketing strategies and determine if they were effective or not. If it didn’t work, look for ways to improve or abandon the strategy altogether. Re-invest in marketing strategies because they gave you acceptable results not because it’s the strategy you usually use.

New Series of Shows at the Shoreline Amphitheater

We are happy to announce that some our our friends and colleagues will be performing a series of dates in California at the Shoreline Amphitheater. We fully support them and would like anyone who is in that area to consider checking them out. For more info on all the various dates at the Shoreline venue you can check out this link:

Speaking from experience, the Shoreline is a gorgeous venue located in Mountain View, CA. Just check out this pic:

Thanks to anyone who can support the traveling performers who work so tirelessly. It’s not an easy life on the road, so we hope they get the exposure and recognition they deserve.

Some of the Upcoming Shows

While the schedules are always changing, some of the upcoming shows at the Shoreline are:

San Francisco Symphony – July 4th Celebration

This is a great event that you should not miss if you are in the area.  Not only do you get to see the San Francisco Symphony and celebrate independence day, but you also get a great fireworks show after the fact.

Jim Gaffigan – Sept 17th

For those looking for a bit of a comic relief over the summer, popular comic Jim Gaffigan is making his way toe the Northern California venue.  Grab a seat or bring you own picnic blanket/chairs for a fun time with Jim.  He usually focuses on family friendly comedy (anyone remember the “Hot Pocket” bit?  Still a classic)…

Lauren Hill and Nas – October 7th

Finally, one of the most anticipated tours for all those fans of early 90’s hip hop, Lauren Hill and Nas are on tour performing together for the first time in decades.  Many of us have waited for the return of Lauren Hill after her massively successful solo album “The Miseducation of Lauren Hill”, but she receded into private life and raised her family, never releasing a second album.  Nas, of course, is one of the greatest rappers of the 90’s generation, and has recently been more active on the touring scene.

We hope you get a chance to enjoy!

Thank you!